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Small Business Solutions

We can schedule a time to come in and look at the existing processes
and offer ways to automate those processes and thereby increase the
efficiency of the business and save you money

Most of these ways are by building computer applications that can
be used to automate repetitive tasks such as data entry that is done
in multiple different ways, an example is entering the same data in
either two excel spreadsheets or manually on paper.

A computer application can be written so it has to be only entered once
and then the application can write reports or files with that data so
it resembles the way you were doing it.

E-Business Solutions

We Offer The Following Services:

Event Calendar For Scheduling and Discussion Boards

On-Line Catalogs with Virtual Store Fronts and Shopping Carts

Secure Server Solutions

Live/Pre-recorded Video or Audio Feeds

Web Site Maintenance

Database driven web sites where the data can be used later for mailing lists, etc.

Custom built reports from the data collected

The cost of these sites will be determined by the size and type of web site to be developed

Client Server Solutions

The client server solutions are end to end applications. Which
include a database to store the data, the application and reporting tools.

The applications are built to be as simple as possible to use, and
can be used on single computers by a single user or on by multiple users
at one time. Systems can be built that run across a network and
used by multiple people at one time, thereby making it easy for a company
to seamlessly share information among people or departments.

Some examples of applications that we have built are Inventory, Retail
Sales, Automated Mail/E-mail systems, Real-Time Sales Information, and
Time-Sheet/Time Reporting applications.

Database Solutions

We Offer The Following Services:

Custom built databases that can be used for any type of business purpose.

Existing database can be modified to increase efficiency or increase the uses of the database

Data Transfer: This is the act of extracting data from one program/software to another

Data Cleansing: Records with bad data can be removed or changed

Data Extraction: Records can be extracted from a source that is difficult to work with

Database Load/Stress Testing

Report Building

We can quickly build custom reports that can extract data from any
type of database or data source.

Depending on the data source, these reports can be permanent or
for one-time use only.

The reports would be built in Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel,
or Crystal Reports. These are all good report writing tools and are
compatible with Microsoft Windows and almost all types of databases
that exist.

QA / Testing Solutions

Web Site Load/Stress Testing:This is only recommended for larger companies,
as the cost of the testing software is approximately $30,000. This is recommended
only if the web site is expected to see a very large amount of traffic and does
processing on the server.

Database Load/Stress Testing:This is only recommended for larger companies,
as the cost of the testing software is approximately $30,000. This is recommended
only if the database is expected to have a very large amount of traffic and the
application is critical to the company.

Manual QA/Testing of software developed internally by companies.

We are experienced in setting up Quality Assurance programs for companies
that develop software products internally.

Internet Web Site Development

We Offer The Following Services:

Basic web site design from $100 - this includes domain name registration for 1 year

If the site is also hosted by CustomSoftware4u, the 1 time setup fee is waived

Virtual Store Fronts with Shopping Carts

Web Site Maintenance

Interactive customer input forms

See E-Business Solutions above for information on database driven web sites

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